our Guests

past Guests

Include entrepreneurs who have individually

  • founded 8 VC-funded companies
  • had TWO BILLION $ in exits
  • 30 rounds of Venture financings
  • $250 Million in equity financing
  • Raised $100 million in equity financing
  • More than 25 million users for current company
  • Started Public Relations agency

… serial entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, professor of entrepreneurship, investors et. al.

example Guests:

  1. Perseverance Story: entrepreneur who likes to play hard. He was turned down by 67 VCs for his seed round: now has raised nearly $30million in venture capital. ‘A’ and ‘B’ rounds were oversubscribed! :)
  2. Midas Touch: We found this entrepreneur who has started 8 venture-funded start-ups – 5 of which have been acquired: 1 sold for nearly a $ Billion!! ($850 million to be precise) He’s definitely one out of the box thinker.
  3. Shankar Hemmady: Pow-wow with a linguist, philosopher, entrepreneur, engineer, dancer, poet… Started 2 companies, mumbles in 40 languages, written about 800 poems, has maxed out Facebook’s limit of 5000 friends. Live Q&A with listeners.
  4. Beerud Sheth: Founder/CEO Gupshup

    “Viral Marketing” Expert

    Chatted with a serial founder who has raised about $100million in funding. His current company boasts of 25million users. Talked about Viral Marketing: defined it, differentiated from Word-of-mouth-marketing, in-depth analysis of what makes some products viral. Live Q&A from listeners.

  5. Indu Navar: Founder/CEO Serus

    “My Story” Guest

    Talked about how a little girl from India dreamed of the freedom of having her own apartment, and car – driving down the freeway listening to music – now the Founder/CEO (has raised $17million in equity financing for her current company)

  6. Foreclosures Demystified: Where are the opportunities for investors? How to benefit from bank foreclosures.

  7. Buzz: woman entrepreneur started an award winning PR company (7 awards in just the last year). Learn how to create buzz for your company. How get visibility. It’s about leverage (spend a $1 in PR, get $n worth of advertising ink), and about credibility - when some one else says you have a great product/company it’s worth a lot more than when you say, especially if they are respected in your industry.