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09/25/10: $80,000 invested to $400 Million IPO to sold for $2.2 billion. No Funding!

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Upcoming Show about Building a Billion $ business without Funding!

$80,000 invested, IPO, sold for $2.2 billion. No Funding!

A subdued and inspiring billion dollar success story!

On Sapne Salamat (Saturday – Sept. 25th @ Noon on 1170 AM)

Rohit Chandra (Founder/CEO of Rooh.It) will speak with Ajay Shah (Managing Director at SilverLake – $15 Billion dollars under management).

Ajay talks about his life, and how he started Smart Modular with $80,000 from his family, was rejected by VCs, and yet took the company public (IPO) with a market cap. of $500 Million, and eventually $2.2 billion acquisition.

Listen and Learn from this fantastic story of how flawless execution can reap rich rewards, from the master – who has done this time and again since then.

Call in and speak LIVE with Ajay & Rohit: from 12noon to 1:00PM on (408) 912-KLOK

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