our Host

our Host (Rohit Chandra)

  • Serial entrepreneur himself. Has started several companies in Silicon Valley. Personally raised Millions of Dollars in equity financings. Been an Angel investor. Has invested in a Venture Capital Fund. Charter Member of TiE. Board Member. Advisor.
  • Prolific inventor with hundreds of millions of users using his invention.
  • has been a celebrity guest telecast live to over a 100 countries with audiences in the hundreds of millions of viewers on CNBC, Z-TV, NDTV, Star, etc.
  • has been a prime-time co-panelist with living-legends like Narayan Murthy (Infosys), and Sunil Mittal (Airtel).
  • Been featured in or the subject of over 300 News articles in BusinessWeek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Times Of India, Economic Times etc. etc.



  1. been on both sides of the investor table: besides having raised millions of dollars in equity financing from angels and Venture Capitalists, he has also been an angel investor himself, and has invested money in a VC fund: always looking for good people and good ideas.
  2. Prosecuted close to a dozen patents – individually. His personalized URL patent is today in use by hundreds of millions of users.
  3. He has started 3 companies in Silicon Valley.
  4. A Visionary: He created the earliest Social Networking website ever called eCode.com
  5. always looking for good people and good ideas: if you have a good idea that you are committed to, please do get in touch with him

Fun Facts:

  1. Took 5 years off in his life to travel: travelled to about 50 countries for FUN!
  2. Dabbled with Stand Up Comedy
  3. Is an active REO (bank foreclosure) investor. See a good real-estate deal? Bring it to his attention.
  4. Himself has been written up in over 300 top international publications such as: BusinessWeek, NewYork Times, and Wall Street Journal to name a few.
  5. Is a keen photographer